Inspiration board : Just some things...

So, my inspiration board this week is kind of a cluster, but that is what an inspiration board is supposed to be, right? Just some things I have seen lately and liked. I kind of have all things 'home decor' on the brain since we signed a lease at our new place! We do not move for another month and a half and I just don't know how Stone and I are going to contain our excitement for that long. We really are bursting at the seams to be in a place with TWO WHOLE BEDROOMS! I mean, I just do not even know what I will do with that much space. And on top of that, the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all separate areas of the house. Right now, our office, kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one space! We did the best we could to make it comfortable and stylish (I will take photos to show you before we move), but we will feel like kings and queens in this new place and we both have so many design ideas for it too. If you want a constant feed of the things we are both scheming for our new home you can follow our Pinterest 'Home' pages.

1 : We just finished Friday Night Lights last night. I cannot believe it is over, I spent last night re-writing some of the conclusions in my head so that it all ended the way I wanted it to (Is that weird? No. Very normal I am sure). Anyone have any suggestions of what we should start watching now, I am open!

2 : Babies are one the brain. Not my own, but the multitude of nieces and nephews that Stone and I are about to have! If you are feeling generous, go here to donate to Stone's brother and his wife's adoption fund.

3 : Love pretty much everything about this house.

4 : I am trying to find a fan similar in style but not in price? Anyone have a good suggestions? Why are there not more design-y fans out there for those of us without ones installed in our ceilings?

5 : I think these are pretty great. I would probably spray paint them some color and maybe hang my necklaces off.

6 : Cool retro chairs for when you are entertaining extra guests!

7 : A great way to store your specs.


Cydnee said...

You have to start grey's anatomy! I am hooked! After the first episode, you will be too, promise!

Shel + Stone said...

Good suggestion! Thanks for that :) I used to watch Grey's but stopped a long time ago so it could be a fun thing to start up again!

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