Have a delicious weekend!

Happy Friday!

Have you seen this beautiful recipe video? It makes a simple ribboned asparagus salad look absolutely mouthwatering. Love it. I have been working on my culinary skills and am just so inspired by all of the food blogs, videos, and books that are out there now. All I need is a sweet kitchen and then I have a feeling my cooking will really take flight :)

Stone and I are off to LA this weekend to shoot a wedding that we have been looking forward to all season. Want to know the best part? After dinner, drinks, and dancing the reception is turning into an all out pool party. I cannot wait! We also are hoping to find time to see this movie. I have heard good reviews and since it has been ages since we have been to see a movie in the theaters I feel like it is about time. Going to movie theaters is one of my favorite things, unfortunately there are not theaters near our house and the one that finally opened decided to be all swanky and charge people an arm and a leg to go. Hummmphhh.

ENJOY these links to love and have a delicious weekend.

Stone and I feel like two geezers lately, sitting on the front row and squinting to read the projector at church. It is time for some specs, maybe from here.

I thought this video was pretty hilarious.

Love these for s+p.

It might be imperative for us to buy one of these soon! Our lives seem to be captured on our iPhone.

A fun new do. Cannot wait to try it out...



Amy said...

You guys should try to get some good leisure-diving shots at the pool party (trust me- Google it).

Shel + Stone said...

I just Googled it... hilarious!

Van said...

I love the recipe video. It's incredible & lovely photography! Have made ribbon zucchini and carrot salad before, but never considered asparagus. Thank you for the Friday inspiration. Will run to the store now and get the ingredients.

Just googled leisure-diving shots and had a good laugh. So awesome.

Have a fab weekend!

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