Inspiration board : Your summertime reading log.

Ever since my dad gave me a Kindle last Christmas I have been flying through books. I know some of you stick your noses up to Kindles, Nooks, iPad... etc. But, I will say it has been a great thing for me to carry around wherever I am and just pull out and read a couple of pages (yup, I am that girl that is reading at stop lights in my car). I do still buy books that I think are worth adding to our library, but, as you can see above there are some titles that really do not fit on the shelves in a living room :)

So, here are my recommendations for your summertime reading list. Do you remember when you were a kid and the local library would give you a reading list with goals and you could win prizes for how many books you read. I never really won any of the big time prizes, I always got the lame things like a stack of bookmarks or $5 off at Cici's Pizza. Anyway, if only they did that for adults, I am pretty sure I would be a front runner for this summer.

Some of these books I have yet to read and have been on my list, others I read forever ago and would love to read again. And, guys, just a warning, about half of them are intended for the female population... chick lit if you will. Enjoy!

The Help : Such a great book. Truly, one I could not put down, unfortunately the ending was pretty abrupt. I am hoping the movie (coming out soon) makes up for that!

The Pioneer Woman, Black Heels and Tractor Wheels : My sister sent me this for my birthday and I cannot wait to dive in, a love story between two states... sounds familiar!

Twenties Girl : I am a big fan of Sophie Kinsella and would recommend all of her books, seriously! This is one of my favorites because it combines mystery with romance.

The Overnight Socialite : A modern day Cinderella story, what could be better?

Cutting For Stone : I have heard rave reviews for this book and cannot wait to read it for myself.

The Time Travelers Wife : Honestly, I have started this book about 4 times and never finished, but I loved the movie and am hoping that 5th time's a charm.

Heaven is For Real : Stone literally read this entire book on our flight to D.C. and he has recommended it to everyone since. I have not read it yet, but again, it is on my list!

Creative, Inc. : For anyone who has the dream of having a small business in the creative field, this is your book. It answers ever question you may have on how to become successful!

The Art of Racing in the Rain : I am bringing this book to Colorado and am so excited to read it, I have heard great things. I think it will make me want to get a pup even that much more!

Water for Elephants : We just saw the movie and I would love to read the book.

Bergdorf Blondes : I read this in college and think Plum Syke's is a great chick lit writer!

Bossypants : Hilarious! This book has both Stone and I rolling, you can really hear Tina Fey's voice in the book and if you are a 30 Rock or SNL fan, you will love this book.


Rebecca said...

I've only read one on your list =[ Water for Elephants [i'm almost done] I LOVE it =]

Rebecca said...

ps. I was thinking the other day how cool would it be to have a group of girls and send each other books [on loan] read it, then send it back! Then you wouldn't have the expense of buying books all the time! Just an idea =]

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