Inspiration board :: A little bit of funk.

Good morning! Remember, just this week, when I told you that I wanted to start an inspiration board. Well, I was not lying. The tricky part is that almost every bit of wall space in our house is being used by windows (we have a lot! ) or by posters, photos, etc.

But, I still need to clear up my desktop and have a place to put the little things I see that inspire me, whether it be fashion, decor, food or design. Well I thought my blog could be a good place for this, so here it is, the first of many (probably weekly) 'inspiration board' posts.

The things on my board today are a little unexpected and funky. The pom-pom garland would be a fun decoration above your bed and I would love to learn to make them myself. I also thought the alphabet bookshelf would make a great statement in a kids room, and I am storing the idea away for one day when Stone and I have some little ones. And the oversized polaroid art prints are just awesome.

Hope you find this... well... inspiring! xo.

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