Design Inspiration: Mountain living.

In spirit of the upcoming winter season I wanted to share this incredible Norwegian mountain home (Just in case any of you were struggling with decorating your own Norwegian mountain home... of course). It looks like it jumped right out of an Anthropologie catalogue, with the eclectic charm and attention to detail. One of my favorite parts about this home is the lighting, each one is different and completely awesome. I also would love a huge unfinished wood farm table like that, although, not quite practical for our 500 square foot apartment, it would take up half of our space!

Would you not want to spend the entire winter season cozied up in this warm nook reading book after book? Yes please.

And lastly, I love all of the restored furniture in this house (like the bedroom door, or the guest room bed footboard). It is funny to me that items like these will sell for outrageous amounts at furniture stores these days when really it will take a little maintenance and time wondering through flea markets, but you can find them for bargain prices.

Stone and his grandpa recently rebuilt the top to an old steel desk (I will show you photos soon!) that we bought for $25 at a surplus store and have seen multiple times since selling for up to $500 at vintage home stores... so crazy!

Photos found here.

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