2 years of marital bliss.

Today was our big TWO year anniversary... unfortunately we spent the majority of it in a plane, but at least we were together :) We love remembering parts of our wedding, it was such an incredible day and an experience like no other. We always tell people that being married is the best thing ever, and we whole heartedly believe that. It is difficult and challenging at times, but well worth it. I am so blessed to get to experience life with my best friend and as Stone likes to say 'partner in crime'.

Stone, I love you so very much and cannot wait for the many more years and memories to come.

I would love to share more photos of our wedding day, but, like I said, the traveling today has taken a bit of a toll and we are exhausted! So I will make sure to do that soon! xo.


Kim said...

happy anniversary, you two!! :)

kaitlinkelly said...

the travelling is all my fault!! sorry you two, but thanks so much for making our engagement shoot so incredibly special and fun!! we cannot wait for the pics!!

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