Have a musical weekend.

Stone and I just got back from our hot date.

It was lovely :) We had an amazing meal in a beautiful setting at Beatrice and Woodsley. So delish! On our way home we listened to the burned cd in my car with mostly Glee songs and it made me realize two things... one: I cannot even wait for the new season to begin! Does anyone know when this is going to happen? two: I have now been listening to these songs on repeat for the last two weeks and I am still not tired of them. I just roll down the windows and sing my little heart out, I love it.

Tomorrow (and the rest of the weekend) we have to pack... like everything! It is going to take some serious time and work, but I am excited for the things we have ahead of us if only I could close my eyes and twitch my nose and everything would magically be in Fort Collins, oh well...

We also have a family photo shoot thrown in the mix this weekend and we just cannot even wait! Busy, busy.

Here are some fun little treats! xo.

A yummy recipe for your Sunday morning breakfast!

Some blingin' band-aids... I mean, why not, right?

Really great art installations by Federico Uribe.

Heart of gold idiom bracelet... love!

A helpful pastry board.

I wish I was headed here for the weekend!

I am loving all things with bows right now :)

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